Q1. Who is responsible for the official ACI Examinations?
A1. The official ACI examinations are held on behalf of ACI by Prometric testing centre.

Q2. What should I do if I encounter difficulties during the ACI exam?
A2. Your ACI examination is downloaded overnight to the Prometric test centre where you will be taking your examination. On the day, if you encounter any problem concerning your examination, ask the test centre to telephone Prometric and report the problem.

Q3. How difficult is it to use the PC to take the examination?
A3. No special computer skills are required. Assuming you know how to use a PC mouse to move the on-screen cursor you will find the system very easy to operate. You will also be given a 15-minute tutorial, prior to the examination, on how to use the system.

Q4. Where can I get the Model Code?
A4. The ACI Model Code constitutes a substantial part of the questions asked in the ACI Dealing Certificate Exam. For an optimal preparation we recommend to read the original ACI Model Code which you can find at "www.acilebanon.com / Education / Syllabi" or at "www.aciforex.com / Education Certification / ACI Model Code Certificate" 

Q5. Where can I obtain a copy of the Formulae Sheet?
A5. All training companies should have a supply of these. In addition a copy may be downloaded from ACI's website.
All main Prometric test centres will also have a supply of Formulae Sheets and an ‘on-screen’ version is available on the test screen.

Q6. Which items are allowed to bring in to the ACI Exam?
A6. You are allowed to bring in the following items to the test centre:

- A calculator, provided it is NOT text programmable or capable of displaying graphics with a size of maximum 2 lines. Please find the most common calculator types meeting these criteria in the following list:

Casio: FX-82solar, FX-82MS, FX-85MS, FX-350MS, FX-115MS, FX-82ES, FX-350ES and FX-991ES
Texas Instruments: TI 30eco RS, TI 30XS Multiview, TI 36 XII and TI BAA II Plus
Hewlett Packard: HP 12 C, HP 17 BII+ and HP 19 BII
Other calculators may also be allowed.

- The ACI Formula Sheet
- A language dictionary, if necessary.

Not allowed are blank sheets of paper, all other documents, pens, drinks, food, personal objects such as mobile phones, etc. The test centre will provide each candidate with a wipeable white board for workings.

Q7. How long will I need to wait to get my examination result?
A7. After completing the exam at the test centre, you will receive immediately your final result. In addition the test centre provides you with a detailed feedback on your scores in each of the topics areas covered by the syllabus (score report) as confirmation of your result.
Your score report for your level 1 exam contains your Prometric-ID: Make sure not to lose it! You will need it to sit for the ACI Diploma Exam

Q8. Will I receive an official certificate?
A8. Successful candidates will receive written confirmation of their result at the Prometric test centre. A formal Certificate will be dispatched to them later via their national association. 

Q9. If I am unfortunate enough to fail, how long do I need to wait to be able to re-sit the examination?
A9. You can register and re-sit the examination as soon as you feel competent to do so. The detailed feedback you receive should make it easier for you to revise those areas where your score was below the required pass level.

Q10. What is the format of the ACI Diploma?
A10. The ACI Diploma is a multiple choice question paper. Information on the structure of this examination is available on ACI's website.

Q11. Do the answers to the calculations questions in the ACI Diploma need to be 100% correct?
A11. Answers to the calculations questions must be 100% correct.

Q12. What percentage is required for a Pass, Merit & Distinction?

ACI Dealing Certificate
The overall pass level is 60% assuming that the minimum score criteria for each of the topic baskets is met. The minimum score criteria is 60% for the Model Code topic basket and 
50% for each of the other topic baskets.

Pass:          60% - 69.99%
Merit:         70% - 79.99%
Distinction:  80% and higher.

ACI Operations Certificate
The overall pass level is 50% assuming that the minimum score criteria for each of the topic baskets is met. The minimum score criteria is 50% for the Best Practices Operations topic basket and 40% for each of the other topic baskets.

Pass:          50% - 64.99%
Merit:         65% - 74.99%
Distinction:  75% and higher.

ACI Diploma 
The overall pass level is 65%

Pass:          65% - 74.99%
Merit:         75% - 84.99%
Distinction:  85% and higher.

ACI Model Code Certificate 
The overall pass level is 60%

Pass:  24 - 30 correct answers
Merit:  31 - 35 correct answers
Distinction:     36 - 40 correct answers. 

Q13. Why are Repos included in the ACI Dealing Certificate?
A13. The Board of Education considers that Repos are now a pivotal instrument in the international money market and most (but not all) domestic money markets. The repo markets are massive and growing rapidly. The importance of repos is being increased by the pressure being placed on banks by regulatory capital requirements and economic capital constraints to switch from unsecured financing. An examination for dealers working in the modern, global money markets that did not include repos would not be credible. Dealers in domestic markets which do not trade repos need to be aware of the international dimension and position themselves for the eventual introduction of repos into their own market.

Q14. What does 'Principles of Risk' refer to?
A14. The management of risk is what dealing is all about. The Dealing Certificate introduces candidates to the subject, in particular, to the main types of risk, basic risk measurement and important ways of mitigating and controlling risk. Risk measurement covers only the market risk on spot FX positions.

Q15. Do I need to be a member of ACI to take the examinations?
A15. Not at all. ACI’s examinations are open to everyone be they members of ACI or not. However we do naturally encourage all candidates to join their local national association.

Q16. Are there any exemptions in place that I should be aware of?
A16. An exemption exists between ACI and the Securities Institute. The Securities Institute has agreed that holders of the ACI Diploma will be exempt from one of their three papers. A condition is that one subject combination is prohibited, namely the ACI Diploma with Financial Futures & Options and Bond & Fixed Interest Markets. Candidates holding the ACI Diploma will therefore be permitted to offer EITHER Financial Futures & Options OR Bond and Fixed Interest Markets (but not both) for the award of the Securities Institute Diploma 

Q17. How often will the Syllabi be updated?
A17. The database of examination questions will be reviewed annually. Changes to the syllabi, if any, will be carried out once a year towards the end of June, becoming effective on 1st January of the following year.