Results of by-election on November 28, 2008

An Extraordinary General Assembly was held on November 28, 2008 whereby Mr. Assaad SALIBA was elected as a new member in the Executive Committee.


Following this election, the Excom consists of:


§          President:                  Nakhlé KHONEISSER (IBL Bank)

§          Vice President:          Edouard FARRAN (BankMed)

§          Secretary:                  François AKL (BLC Bank)

§          Deputy Secretary:     Amal SALEH (MEAB)

§          Treasurer:                  Naji ECHO (BLC Finance)

§          Accountant:                Emile SHALALA (Bank Audi - Audi Saradar Group)

§          Members:                  - Elie CHAMI (Arab Bank PLC),

                                          - Mona GABRIEL (Bank of Beirut)

                                          - Assaad SALIBA (First National Bank)