Cryptocurrencies from A to Z...

ACI Lebanon is organizing, in association with Thomson Reuters, on Monday 16th of April 2018 from 4 PM to 7 PM at Phoenicia Intercontinental – Beirut, a Conference entitled


Cryptocurrencies from A to Z…


The lecturer, Mr. Samer Mahfouz (CFA - Thomson Reuters), will address the following topics:

  1. History (Bitcoin)
  2. Bitcoin Technologies (Blockchain, DLT)
  3. Smart Contracts (Ethereum)
  4. Mining (PoW, ASIC, farms)
  5. Trading (exchanges, CFD, wallet, FOMO, useful sites)
  6. Funding (ICO)
  7. Regulation (Globally and in MENA, virtual currencies, ...)
  8. Main Use cases (payment, remittance, trade finance, voting, …)

Please note that this educational function is free of charge and exclusively addressed to ACI Lebanon's members.

We will appreciate receiving your registrations the latest by Thursday 12th of April 2018 noon.