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Mission Statement

The Association's Objectives:

  • to be regarded within the business community, financial services industry, regulatory authorities and media as the leading association representing the interests of the financial markets 
  • to promote for market practitioners' benefit, the educational and professional interest of our industry and to contribute to the professionalism and ethical standards, with the introduction of a worldwide licensed and certified diploma, in addition to a multitude of training seminars and presentations.
  • to enhance bonds of friendship between its members through social activities


ACI LEBANON - The Financial Markets Association is a non-profit professional association representing the Treasury, Foreign Exchange and Capital Markets Industries together with their members totaling around 300 national members.

Founded in 1964 under the name of Forex Club-Liban, the name was changed in 2000 to ACI Lebanon  - The Financial Markets Association. Another major change occurred in 2003 when ACI Lebanon revised its statutes in authorizing voting rights for national members working in financial institutions.

ACI LEBANON is affiliated to ACI -The Financial Markets Association founded in France in 1955 to bring together traders and dealers in the world's financial centers. Today, ACI regroups over 12000 members in some 65 countries across the globe.


ACI Lebanon Bylaws
Arabic Version
Articles of Association - Basic Statutes
Internal Statutes