Results of 2019 Tournaments

The Tournaments' Finals took place on May 15, 2019 in a fun ambiance shared by members attending the Casual Happy Hour Gathering held on this occasion.

Our Sincere Congratulations to:

Ahmad Bchennati (Alumni) the Winner of 2019 Frangieh Tournament

Karim El Khoury (SGBL) the Winner of 2019 Mahbousseh Tournament
Wissam Moussa (Bankmed) the Winner of 2019 Chess Tournament

And to the respective
Runners-up in Frangieh, Mahbousseh and Chess:

  Fahed Yehia (Al Baraka Bank) – Jihad Eid (IBL Bank) – James Kandalaft (IBL Bank)

Awards Ceremony will take place during ACIL Summer Dinner which details will follow soon.