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Learn about ACI Education Services and Certification

ACI Lebanon is keen to play a major role in promoting continuous education program for both new entrants to the industry and the most experienced dealers. This is very crucial in our financial industry consistently introduced with innovations and challenges. Therefore, we aim at helping our members to acquire the techniques necessary to apply in our profession through organizing ACI's Courses* in level 1 and level 2, thus helping them to sit for the worldwide-acknowledged exams administered by ACI International Board of Education (

Other entities may benefit from this education program mainly university students majoring in business administration, economics and banking studies enabling them to enhance their scholar knowledge. 

In parallel, we organize seminars, workshops, presentations,… to update market practitioners of new tools and instruments which help in creating a competitive environment. 

ACI Lebanon is striving to apply dealers' accreditation in the local financial markets. What we would like to fulfill here is issuing a license that would be the industry standard for trading and would be recognized by all the regulators and market players in Lebanon and in all trading centers. Such an accreditation process has already become the norm in many financial centers.

Courses delivery date and details are announced on our website in due course of time.